My Food Journey

I was only a freshman when I realized food was one of my life’s passions. I was in my grandma’s house and she would bake me the most delight sweets. She taught me her recipes that were passed down from generation to generation and being in the kitchen made me feel powerful and creative. I would make it my goal to improve my dishes,  going out to different restaurants and drawing inspiration from their dishes.

I felt like a kid in a candyshop. Looking at my ingredients like an artist looks at her palette, I found a strong passion to learn about all different types of foods and cuisines, and made it a goal to index my journey along the way!

I strongly believe that there is more to a food blog than just recipes. This is my (humorous) take on two years of blogging. You will also find some of my favorite photos from these last two years.. Do not forget to tell me which one you liked the most.


When I started blogging, I had no idea where it will lead me to. I started blogging on a whim – with no idea about what is cool and what is not. Blogging (at that time) was merely a way to save my recipes (the family favorite ones) somewhere easily accessible. Combining my love for cooking with my husband’s favorite hobby – this food blog was born. But now, it means a lot more to us – an endeavor that we have come to love & nurture, has become part of our lives.Cooking Is Love Made Visible

Cooking Is Love Made Visible

A celebration is incomplete without a party and people. A blog birthday party involves bloggers. I asked a few blogger friends to share their blogging story, blogging advice and stories that tickle the humor bone. Here is some serious blogging advice from a few bloggers that I admire.

There are down-in-the-dumps days in the life of a blogger. On such days, I resort to humor. Finding humor in the unusual places have helped me take care of the blues. That and venting out to my husband – he wears many hats – the sounding board, the broad shoulders to cry on, share my success, shout, yell & praise, blog-back-office and the official photographer (oh and yeah, proof reader). And if humor and venting does not help me, I resort to baking.

For my blog’s first birthday, I had jotted down my learning from my first year, as a blogger. All those lessons are still valid. Apart from those invaluable lessons, I learned a few more as the time progressed – so this sums up my blogging journey.


All things said and done, I have finally found my passion in food blogging and I am enjoying it to the core. It has been a fun roller coaster ride for the past two years and I would not change it for anything. Here is wishing you, one and all, that you find your passion. It is exhilarating!

We, bloggers thrive on likes, comments and feedback. Comment and like a blogger’s posts, and you will be making a blogger very happy  .

Thank you for reading!

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