How to make a Spaghetti Sandwich

How to make a Spaghetti Sandwich
How to make a Spaghetti Sandwich

As crazy as it sounds, yes there is such a wacky food invention such as the Spaghetti sandwich.

In this post, you are going to know the complete recipe on how to make a spaghetti sandwich! Only yesterday, I was wondering the oddness of the spaghetti sandwich but finally grew used to it! Uhmm. You might think its gross to make a meal out of leftover spagheetti but personally i think its genius! My experience really changed once I really took my first bite of spaghetti sandwich and also discovered nothing more on my plate to eat.

Cheesy, meaty as well as hearty! This Spaghetti Sandwich has meat sauce, pasta, cheese as well as garlic all grilled up to perfect sandwich paradise.

The spaghetti sandwich is food in Japanese cuisine. In Tokyo, the sandwich is cooked using a meat sauce, a sliced French roll or white bread, as well as has been described as a “Tokyo novelty. Some underground concession spots near metro stations in Tokyo sell the spaghetti sandwich, as well as it has been referred to as a “handy traveler snack.

Ingredients Needed

  • Butter
  • Garlic
  • Texas 
  • Italian flavoring
  • Garlic Powder
  • Meat sauce
  • Spaghetti
  • Mozzarella cheese

How To Make A Spaghetti Sandwich

  • Prepare pasta according to package instructions.
  • Prepare your spaghetti sauce, you can make homemade or simply use jarred.
  • In a bowl mix together softened butter, diced garlic, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning
  • In a large frying pan on low heat, spread out some of your butter on one side of your Texas toast and place in the frying pan.
  • Place one slice of mozzarella cheese on the top then add spaghetti, top with some spaghetti sauce then another piece of mozzarella cheese.
  • Lastly, add your other piece of Texas toast and also spread with a little more butter.
  • Cover your pan with a lid and let grill slowly, we do this to make certain the cheese flows and it browns well.
  • Turn your sandwich and repeat it.
  • Remove from the frying pan and let sit for a few minutes to let cheese really melt and then slice in half if desired.

 Tip Of The Day

How to make a Spaghetti Sandwich
How to make a Spaghetti Sandwich
  • Use Texas Toast bread, the thicker bread holds this sandwich together. You can also utilize their frozen type in the freezer section but it will be a smaller sized sandwich.
  • Use sliced mozzarella cheese, you can use shredded in a pinch or even fresh but we have found the very best results in having the sandwich held together using sliced.
  • Make homemade sauce, which is worth it, it chills well and you will always have in hand when you get the food craving.

Regardless of how it is described, if you want to get your loved ones to taste buds flying, you ought to bookmark the recipe to whip these spaghetti sandwiches ASAP!

Lastly, your leftover does not require to remain in your fridge for days and be thrown into the trash can the next day. Spaghetti sandwiches are damn good and are a family- favorite option for both kids and elders.

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